Dynamic Performance of Nature

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Dynamic Performance of Nature is a permanent architectural media installation in the Leonardo Museum of Art, Science and Technology, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  DPoN engenders environmental perception in the museum’s visitors by communicating global environmental information through a dynamic and interactive interface embedded in the material of the wall. It’s conceived upon the notion that sustainability for the 21st century should be crafted to evolve beyond conventional application of green techniques into something alive and integrated with the environment, conditioning the most sophisticated forms of creativity for the preservation of life. DPoN will invite curious inquisition as well as detached contemplation of the synthesis between light, material, space, and global environmental information in hopes that visitors can perceive an architecture that is alive, pulsing with live information, communicating something in its own language which is indelibly linked to the material, geometry, and form of the wall itself.

Data visualization designer : Noa Younse



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