The Magic Whip – Blur (Album Artwork)

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Blur have recently announced the release of their new album “The Magic Whip”. This will be their first release in over a decade so will need to create a huge sense of impact and bring them in to the digital age.

The album itself has a great sense of depth and Art Director Tony Hung, wanted to replicate this through the album artwork.

Since the album was created in Hong Kong, Hung wanted to re-create the ‘nitty gritty’ feel to Hong Kong, bringing in the neon lights and giving you a sense of the city itself. Taking you to the streets of Hong Kong and giving you a feel for where the band was during the creation of the album.

The artwork is quirky and although it has a retro 80’s feel, it brings the band into the digital age by utilising interesting and unusual techniques. The juxtaposition of the ice cream and the neon lights is interesting and eye-catching, really drawing you in to the album and leaving you wanting to know more, leaving you wanting to listen!




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