Recovering the Doves type

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Almost 100 years ago, the Doves type was thrown into the Thames by a stubborn man named T.J Cobden-Sanderson. This type was created for the Doves Press and was completed by Cobden-Sanderson and Emery Walker, the co-founder of the Doves Press. Being used for original Shakespeare verse, Milton and The Doves Bible; it was an important piece of work.

In 1909, their partnership was lost after a falling out. This lead to Cobden-Sanderson spending nine months slowly depositing the type into the Thames at the Hammersmith Bridge.

Robert Green has recently been creating a font for this typeface and decided to start hunting the Thames for this lost piece of work. He actually used Cobden-Sanderson’s journal to pin-point the exact location that the type was dumped. After finding several pieces himself, he organised a dive into the Thames and has since recovered 150 pieces.

This is an extraordinary find and with the type being in such good condition, Green has managed to make appropriate changes to his type and really bring this century old lost typeface back to life!

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