Sadly By Your Side by Fabrica

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Sadly by your side was an experimental piece of design created by the amazing young designers at Fabrica. It embodies all aspects of the digital age, including music, mobile devices/apps and publication design too; linking them all together in a beautiful and interesting way.

Fabrica have created an album of interesting sounds, chilled music that is easy to listen to and enjoy. They also designed a publication, based around segments and proportions of colour, it is used to instigate songs on an app which they have also designed. Once you start a song, the app then takes the different proportions of shapes and colour around you and converts it into different sounds and experimental tones that are added to the current track. It’s all a very surreal experience and utilises all forms of communication within one extremely pleasant, quirky and beautiful piece of design.

It provides an insight into the future of design and gets me extremely excited about whats to come over the next decade!

You can buy your own book from the fabrica store for only $13 and check out the making of here:








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