Type Plus by Unit Editions

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Type Plus by Unit Editions is a classic example of how you really CAN judge a book by it’s cover. I seen the cover and straight away had to splash out the £40 I spent on it.

The book concentrates on the use of combining images with type, a technique which today is used by many designers and is something which I find extremely interesting myself. This is a contemporary book, focussing on the designers of today and how they are breaking the boundaries of graphic design.

With new techniques and mediums appearing constantly in our ever-changing world, there is still plenty of new and original artworks being created every day. With each turn of the page in this book, there is something visually engaging and interesting. Not once was I bored of looking at posters from start to finish in this book.

I would strongly advice purchasing this beautiful wee thing here:


Type_Plus_Cover_01_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Cover_02_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_06_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_01_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_07_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_03_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_04_full product_optimised2
Type_Plus_Spread_05_full product_optimised2

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